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About Raphael Plamondon

Personally, I’ve always thought of information management as a bridge between information systems and users. A reference librarian helps users navigate and understand information systems in order to make what they seek accessible, and that’s exactly what I want to be. My personal value of being passionate about what I do is why specifically being an academic librarian in the social sciences is my goal, so this personal value of mine helps with having clearer goals for my career.

My best personal attributes would be my positivity, flexibility, insightfulness, patience and logical thinking. These attributes make up most of my soft skills, such as my positive attitude, adaptability, problem-solving skills and my ability to work as well with others as independently. All of these skills play into the work of a reference librarian, such as my positive attitude and ability to work with others helping me communicate with users or my adaptability and problem solving skills allowing me to try different approaches when I cannot find something or resolve a conflict by using standard procedures.

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"When the impossibility has been eliminated, whatever remains, no matter how improbable... is possible."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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